Get GAP Insurance!

I can not tell you how important it is to consider GAP insurance or Loan/Lease coverage on your vehicles.

You never know when an accident will happen and you cannot predict if your vehicle will be totaled or possibly repaired.

I know this from personal experience… I could never have predicted a drunk driver would hit my vehicle at two in the morning while parked outside my home.

I have also had several clients have their vehicle totaled after an accident.

Yes, often the insurance company will offer you the option to keep the salvaged vehicle but it is not always recommended. Not all insurance companies will insure salvaged title vehicles. You also may not be able to get physical damage on the vehicle again, which may be a requirement if there is a loan on the vehicle.

So if you have an accident and you are upside down on your vehicle, having GAP insurance of Loan/Lease coverage on your vehicle before the accident can help remedy the situation.

Dealerships will often offer GAP insurance on vehicles they close a loan on it.

You can often purchase GAP or Loan/Lease coverage on your auto insurance. The trick is to add the Loan/Lease coverage option when the vehicle is initially purchased and added to your auto insurance. Rarely can you add the coverage on after the fact.

There is often a considerable difference in the cost between the dealership cost and the option through your auto insurance. Get quotes for both options before executing on the coverage.

With the cost of vehicles up higher than ever before and interest rates on the rise, the possibility of being upside down on your vehicle is increased, and highly likely.

Do not gamble or risk your financial situation over such a valuable coverage.

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