Home Insurance and Your Home Based Business

Did you know that home insurance is not designed to provide coverage for a business?

When determining if you have a business or not we look for a few characteristics…

Are you generating money from the business?

Do you have any clientele or foot traffic to your home?

Do you have employees?

Does your business have any business property and/or business product in your home?

If the answer is yes to any of the above then you may not have coverage for your business which means if something happens you may experience a loss to your business.

Your home based business probably needs business liability coverage should a client slip in your home.

Your home based business probably needs business property coverage if you have product for sale in your home.

Your home based business probably needs professional liability coverage if you provide a service to your client like virtual executive assistant, virtual accountant, social media marketing, website design, etc.

Your home based business probably needs cyber liability coverage if you process client payments, have an e-commerce website, or your business obtains personal information for your clients.

If your home based business employs anyone then you are required to have workers compensation for your employees, even if your employees work remotely.

This is only a short list of coverages a home based business owner should consider. Depending on your business layout, industry, state, etc. can impact the insurance coverage necessary to properly protect your business.

If you have no business insurance in place now or are unsure what insurance your business needs contact my office to discuss your business insurance needs as soon as possible.

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