It’s all about how a company makes you feel not how cheap their products or service are.

I am a stickler for good customer service. I work diligently to make sure I anticipate my client’s needs and wants. After all if it doesn’t feel right to me it certainly is not right by the customer. My husband and I are on the search for a Recreational Vehicle/Camper Trailer. We camp frequently and enjoy getting away from it all as much as possible. I recently called an RV dealer and was not pleased. My initial response to my husband after the first call to them is, I don’t like them. I called, yes someone answered on the first ring. I said I am looking for a specific camper trailer. They immediately transferred me to rentals. At least that is what the person who answered said. I hung up and called again. The same person answered on the first ring. I said I am looking to purchase a specific camper trailer that I believe you have in stock and I would like to see. They said they would put me on hold for a second. Next thing I know I am in someone’s voicemail being asked to leave a message. I call a third time and the same person answers for the third time. I specifically say it is my third time calling to look into seeing a specific camper trailer to buy. They said no one was available. I was then transferred to the same voicemail again. I left a voicemail for someone 3 days ago.

So my problem you see is that I don’t want to buy from them now. I don’t really care how much they are willing to discount the price of my purchase. The issue for me is I want a relationship with them because in reality if something goes wrong before, during or after the purchase I want to know I will be taken care of. The RV will need to be serviced at some point and there is a chance for warranty issues. Why would I buy from someone that I can’t build a strong relationship with or trust? I probably won’t. Would you spend top dollar to buy your dream car knowing that if there is a problem you won’t get a call back from them. Heck no!

I live and breathe the insurance industry. I read articles, listen to podcasts and totally geek out reading policy forms all for the love of my clients. From the first interaction to every interaction I want them to know that I am there, lurking in the background, in a not so creepy sort of way. I will call them if they leave me a voicemail. I will respond to an email if they have a question. I want them to feel a human on the other end of their phone, tablet, or computer. Now can you be sure you will get that if you are getting quotes for insurance online? How do you know you are being taken care if you are chatting with a chat bot? Have you ever done a chat session with a provider when you are already upset with them cause there is a problem? It just makes you want to scream. I know. I have done it.

If you want to purchase your insurance in a more digital space, awesome, amazing. I am right there with you. However there are plenty of independent insurance agents that are living, breathing, human beings providing digital tools and resources to their clients that are just dying to build a living, breathing, human relationship with you. They want to talk about your family, your career, your hobbies and really build an insurance program just for you. Something special and individualized. They are not in the business of signature stamping the same policy over and over again for every person walking in the door.

If you are looking for insurance then Google independent insurance agent in your local area and I can guarantee you there will be at least one right around the corner. They are not all the same so you should certainly call around and see if they put you on hold or drop you into voicemail when you are ready to buy but I beg you not to Google insurance and go with the first advertisement that promises you the cheapest rates in town. Cheap is not necessarily a good thing and when the cheap policy leaves you stranded on the side of the road you will wish you were on a first name basis with your insurance agent and could just call and talk through your frustration. So call your local independent insurance agent today and build a relationship that you can count on!

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