Yes, insurance rates are going up…

Yes, insurance rates are going up, and it is impacting all types of policies… auto… home… business…

I know the timing sucks with the already rising costs of gas, groceries, housing, services, etc.

This is not because of something you did. Insurance is a pool of money. Insurance companies do not hold everyone’s insurance premium separately and decide not to raise your rate because you were a good driver this year or you didn’t file any claims last year.

All premium goes into one pool of funds. Insurance companies each year look at the money paid in premiums and what they paid in claims and then decide if rates need to be adjusted. Everyone gets treated the same.

Insurance companies have to maintain a certain level of financial stability to pay future claims and meet federal requirements.

Again I know it sucks. I pay for insurance too.

Yes shopping around can be helpful but sometimes just making small adjustments in credits, discounts, and deductibles can offset the increase in premium.

We all need to be more mindful of where we are spending our money right now but reducing your insurance coverage should not be one of them. Good insurance will make the difference between your claim being paid or you filing bankruptcy.

If you need a review for premium savings options or comparable quotes contact me. It’s free and I promise you I will make it painless.

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